Our goal in our early childhood program is to nurture children’s sense of self as learners, explorers, inventors, creators, and community members. We work to encourage empathy and care for one another, while also fostering inner strength, thoughtful conviction in one’s ideas, and self-knowledge. The ability to express and understand ideas through language, writing, and the disciplines of math and science is developed in our program through child-directed, meaningful experiences. We seek to hold joy, wonder, and passion at the core of our work.

We work towards these goals through child-initiated, playful activities. The majority of our day is spent in open-ended play, which we consider to be the work of children. This includes dramatic fantasy and pretend play, as well as sensory play, building play, play with creative art materials, musical play, and large segments of time spent exploring our outdoor environment. Teachers seek to provoke children’s thinking through careful arrangement and presentation of materials. Literacy and math concepts, as well as critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving, are incorporated into children’s self-chosen activities. In addition to these child-led activities, we incorporate small-group activities in which adults take the lead and present new ideas and new concepts. These may include sewing, cooking, writing and drawing projects, and inquiries into specific topics.


  • Our program is open Monday-Friday. We offer a morning-only option from 9:00 -- 12:30, and a full day option from 9:00 -- 3:00.

  • Extended day care is available from 7:30 -- 6:00.

  • Pending availability of slots, families can choose how many days they enroll their children (a child can attend from 2-5 mornings per week).

  • We offer emergent curriculum based on children's interests and needs, strongly grounded in knowledge of child development and respect for children as individuals.


Morning and extended day programs are offered on a sliding scale. Catskill Wheelhouse is committed to financial accessibility for all families. Rates vary based on hours of attendance and family income.

For more information, contact us at: or (518) 943-4649