The Program:

The Catskill Wheelhouse After School Program embraces a child centered and hands on approach to learning.

Forest Explore: Monday and Wednesday 3:30-6:00

Explore the forest and fields that surround the school. Learn about the plants and animals we share this land with. Investigate what kind of relationship the people who came before us had with the land. Foraging for wild food and medicinals, tracking, hunting for historical clues and sensory games are some of the things we may do together.

Create: Tuesday and Thursday 3:30-6:00

Tuesdays will be an open studio where children will have free access to a variety of materials to explore and create with. On Thursdays (as we get a little further into the program) we'll invite local artists to share their craft with us. Recording sound art, creating texture with natural materials, clay and fiber arts are some of the things we may explore together.  

Shelter: Friday 3:30-6:00

Investigate shelters form around the world and throughout history. Build shelters of our own using found, salvaged and natural materials in the forest and around the school. What kind of shelter will keep the rain out? What kind of shelter would keep us warm? How could we make a shelter to hide in? What if we only had rope and sticks? Can we use mud to make a house? What kind of shelter would you build?

We also offer Homework Help, a Healthy Snack and time for Imaginative Play in our school yard and studio.


Our program is open to children in grades K-5 as well as home schoolers. 

The program will run Monday-Friday from 3:30-6:00pm starting Monday, September 18th. Children may attend anywhere from one day a week to all five. Note: for children to participate fully in the activity for each day they will need to stay until 5:30 but this is not required.

Cost is $3 per hour. Catskill Wheelhouse is committed to financial accessibility for all families. Special circumstance can be reviewed on an individual basis. 

The program will take place in and around Catskill Wheelhouse Cooperative School at 46 Anbach Lane in Catskill. Our school is situated on 200 beautiful acres just down the road from Catskill Elementary. Catskill Elementary students can arrange to be bused to our program.

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