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Clothing Swap!!

Hey Wheelhouse Families!!

We will be hosting a clothing swap in March! 

        Saturday, March 18th, from 4 - 6 pm         


What is a Clothing Swap?     It's fun, free, and green.  You just:

1.  Check your closets- do you have some items you never really wear? 

Something gifted to you, but isn't really you? Items that don't fit you well, or aren't your size? This might be a great chance for some spring cleaning!

Bring clothes in good condition, lightly used,          
                                     and freshly laundered  

            children/ women/men's all accepted)

                    You can also bring shoes, jewelry, and other accessories. 
                                Some household items are okay too =)


2. Invite your friends and neighbors- this is a great opportunity for us to get together as a community, but also for other people to get to know our school!  This event is open to the public.  Plus, if more people attend, we will have a greater range of styles and sizes,  a better chance to have something for everyone.

3. Sort your items upon arrival for easy shopping later!   Be sure to bring a shopping bag or two to use during the swap, and be mindful to not put anything down that is not for the swap.  Please leave personal items (jackets/ hats/ bags/ toys etc) in the cubby room, or in your child's cubby, or in your cars to not get anything mixed up.  

Enjoy snacks and browse items while waiting for other guests to finish arrival and sorting. This can be a time to browse through items, to find things you know you'd want to come back to later.  No items are claimed until we announce that open shopping has begun.  

We will have a pop-up cafe of snacks for purchase to enjoy at the event.  All proceeds will be donated to Catskill Wheelhouse Cooperative School.


4.  After the announcement that we are ready to start, let the swap begin! 

Round 1 - During the first 15-20 minutes of shopping 

During this time, we ask that if you bring one bag of clothes to the swap, you take one bag back. Or if you bring 4 bags of clothes, you can feel free to take four bags of clothes back.  

This will not be strictly enforced, but, we do ask-  be courteous and mindful when shopping, to take a fair amount in the beginning so everyone has a fair chance. 


Round 2 -  After everyone has had a fair chance for the first round of shopping

After round 1, you are encouraged to take second (or third) looks.  As long as no one else is interested, we do want you to take items home if you are wanting to take additional items.  At the very end, whatever is left will be donated, but the goal is for these items to go to our attendees!!  

If you know of a great local organization to donate to, please let us know! We would like to donate mindfully, and would love to know if there is an organization you'd recommend. 

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