Morning meeting!

Every morning after playing outside, we come together as a group for "meeting time". In our meeting we give time to check in with each other with a greeting song, a message from the teachers, and a provoking closing : a question for the children. Their answers to simple questions such as: What is your favorite forest animal?, What is your parents job?; can be not only amusing, but so informative of what children already know, what they would like to learn about and do, and influence where the curriculum and activities we present to them might be going.

Also, since the start of the school year we have been thinking about how to incorporate Spanish to our days. Naturally the children already notice my accent, and discussions about words pop up here and there. The children have always been wildly curious about how words are said in Spanish. Is wonderful to see their excitement as they hear and repeat words they want to learn or already know in Spanish.  As a response to their curiosity, we now have a Word Wall as inspiration with an Spanish side and an English side. 

Our greeting song offers the opportunity to learn feelings words in Spanish:

Hola como estas?

Hola como estas?

How are you today?

In the past few weeks, we have also been talking about Martin Luther King and many conversations have come up, some about big themes on how to be fair, and free and a good leader. 

As part of the explorations of fairness, leadership, social movements and Martin Luther King, we have asked the children big questions such as:

If you were in the place of Martin were you saw something you didn't agree with, what would you do?

B: I would make art.

Z: I would talk to them.

L: I would tell them is wrong.

As the fact that we have a new president in the country came up during meeting and how he is the leader of the USA, we asked children what makes a good leader? Their answers are inspiring and informative of how it is possible to have big conversations with small children. :)

A good leader...

P: They let you choose what you want to do.

B: They tell good words to people.

I: They let people go places they want to go.

Z: They lead the parade :).

Tell us if any of these conversations have come up at home.