Food Fridays!

The process of making food together has been a big part of Catskill Wheelhouse since it was first imagined. We took a bit of a break from that this past fall, but began cooking together again last week. It's been so much fun to enjoy food together again. We started off by making banana chocolate milkshakes last week. Today, we squeezed lemons to make lemonade.

We love the sense of community and collaboration that cooking projects provide. Older children have been helping younger children, allowing them to feel knowledgeable and competent while the younger ones get to have the experience of a supportive older peer to learn from.


Opportunities for language and literacy development abound. Describing tastes and smells, reading recipes, understanding a sequence of events...all of these elements provide the foundational experiences that contribute to strong communication skills.

Mathematical understandings naturally make their way into our cooking activities. Counting ingredients supports quantitative understanding, cutting a banana into two pieces provides learning about fractions; measuring cups and spoons help children to learn about volume and measurement. 

As we cook together, we learn about one another and our world. We learn about likes and dislikes, how we are all different, yet there are some things that we share. We learn about the process and effort that goes into creating the food that we consume. As the weather grows warmer, we will look forward to connecting with seasonal changes and the land around us through produce that we grow and prepare. As we cook and eat, we enjoy sensations, and one another's company.


What are some of your favorite cooking activities to do at home? Would you like to plan one of our Food Fridays?