Cooking Thursdays

We have always enjoyed cooking at wheelhouse. It is such a holistic activity for children in the sense of all the different skills and abilities they are practicing when cooking. There is math, sequencing, fine motor skills when squeezing, kneading, eye hand coordination when cutting with soft knives. And of course the joy, the sense of community, the chance to chat with friends, joke and tell stories while hands are busy. Its also such a wonder for them to see how something raw becomes food.

We cook often and for sure every Thursday morning is cooking day with Frank and Irina. We have made soup with our garden’s vegetables, potatoes, celery, chard, and other vegetables such as carrots and broccoli. We also made bread after reading a book called: Walter, the baker by Eric Carle. We will most likely make more bread. It was a very involved process with the children and they wanted more. Here are some images from those experiences. Tell us in the comments if you do, how do you involve the kids in food preparation and cooking at home. Also if you have recipes you would like us to try, get in touch with us :).