* Snow Days *

Hello Everyone!! Today is another snow day, so I thought it would be a fun moment to share with you some of our snow explorations together at school!!

We've had a lot of snow this winter, which has meant lots of different types of explorations for the children- sledding, snow angels, snow sculptures, shoveling snow, eating snow, and experiencing the various states of water that can occur as it snows, rains, experiences of wintery mixes, and the types of snow and ice that form.

One thing I am personally grateful for is the terrain of the land we are on.  There are rolling meadows, wild forests, and some nice small hills.  There are a few spots that we've found with the children that are perfect for sledding. 

Sledding together is an amazing experience as a class.  It involves many different types of social skill building, physical work, sensory experiences, and, pure joy.

Socially, the children are figuring out a system of sharing the sleds, working out where are the places to walk up and where to sled down, bonding together as they share a ride together, and especially as they talk each other through moments of intense feelings about the experiences.  Many times, a child may feel a little overwhelmed with the excitement, the cold, the energy of the others, and its in these moments you see the children step in to help one another, really showing how they care for one other.

One of the best parts of the sledding experience as a class is that though they each get to take a ride on the sled, they really enjoy chasing the sled as it goes down the hill!! For many children, this was more exciting and fun, as they squeal with glee, running together as fast as they can.

Enjoy the slideshow below of one of our sledding days !!!

We love our snowy days of winter, but are definitely feeling ready for spring!! Perhaps today will be our last snow day, but maybe not.  Either way, enjoy it while you can.

Post in the comments below your child's favorite snowy day activity!!
Do you have any special family traditions around snow days?